If liberals got their way on guns there would be even more mass shootings

From, The Political Theory of the American Founding — Natural Rights, Public Policy, and the Moral Conditions of Freedom (Page 28) by Thomas G. West, Endowed Professor in Politics, Hillsdale College.

If we are all “born free and equal,” and if no one if entitled to take that freedom away, that means everyone is rightfully free of the violence of others. Murder being the worst kind of violence, life is the first and most urgent natural right. Expressed in the law of nature language that the founders sometimes used, “the law of self preservation…is the first law of nature.” The right to life — along with all the other natural rights — includes the right to self defense, if necessary to use force to resist force. The right to own firearms would follow.

All but one of the mass shootings in America have occurred in a place where no one was permitted to have a gun. They were all so-called “gun free zones.” They could more properly be called “shooting zones for mass killing.”

The only exception was the Gabby Giffords shooting because that was outside in a park. The shooter was actually stopped by a citizen who was legally armed, although he was able to stop the killing without drawing his gun. Ms. Giffords was shot but more would have been if a man of some courage and ability had not been there. Even though he didn’t need his gun, he had  it in case he did need it. A gun owners answer to a liberal’s question of, “Why do you need a gun,” is “I hope I don’t.” But if the need arises, and you don’t have a gun, you might be injured or killed. The cops are only minutes away when seconds count.

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