Is Trump selling out his base, or is he going to Trump the Democrats?

Trump supporters have been scratching their heads trying to figure out what Trump is up to with his offer to the Democrats for amnesty for 1.8 Million  DACA “kids” [they aren’t kids, most are in their mid to late twenties]. This is the opposite of what Trump promised to do. So, is he selling us out or what?

Rush Limbaugh floated a theory on Friday that perhaps Trump has once again hammered the Democrats by making a proposal he knows they won’t accept. But why wouldn’t they accept it? Well, perhaps because they want the issue more than the thing itself, i’e’. Amnesty for illegals.  Maybe to force them to show their colors to the American people.

Maybe Steven Hayward was listening to Rush yesterday because he has a post at Powerline Blog this morning in which he speculates in the same vein, Is Trump About to Trump the Dems on Immigration?

Here is the transcript of Rush Limbaugh from yesterday:

So now Trump, out of that, comes around and offers an amnesty to 1.8 million DREAMer kids in exchange for $25 billion to build the wall? Here’s what I think is possible, Erin, and all the rest of you.

RUSH: The portion of the Trump base that gets angry every time there’s a report that says Trump caves on immigration (which is what this news is basically saying), get mad because they’re frightened, because they know how important this issue is. And they know that Trump is the only guy that ran for the presidency that could possibly stand in the way of this and literally save our culture and country. But here’s an alternative theory, based on the fact that I don’t think Trump’s caved.

And I don’t think Trump was unserious with his statements at all of those rallies on the wall and on immigration. I don’t think anybody’s gotten to him and changed his mind. Because he’s made an offer here. Have you all paid attention to the Democrats reacting to this? Have you noticed that they’re not happy? Have you noticed the Democrats are rejecting this? Dick Durbin says that this shows that Trump is unserious, that Trump is mean-spirited, that Trump is willing to use and play with the lives of innocent children.

Here’s Nancy Pelosi. Grab sound bite No. 27. Here’s Pelosi reacting to Trump’s proposal to grant amnesty to 1.8 million DREAMer kids.

PELOSI: The plan is a campaign to make America white again. It’s a plan that says over 50% of the current legal education will be cut back, that many people will be sent out of the country. If you read through it, you’re thinking, “Do they not understand that immigration has been the constant reinvigoration of America?”

RUSH: Donald Trump, or somebody in there, knew that this deal would be rejected. I believe it is possible that this whole deal… You might call it a trick. You might call it a grand strategy. But I think it was offered knowing that the Democrats would reject this — after which, what happens? Trump can say, “Hey, I offered it. I’m trying to meet ’em halfway. We’re trying to do something for the kids, and once again it’s the Democrats who say they’re not interested! It’s the Democrats who are walking away.

“It’s the Democrats who cannot accept this seemingly generous offer from the president of the United States.” Chuck Schumer has already rejected it, you just heard Pelosi reject it, and Dick Durbin has rejected it. How many of you were thinking that the Democrats would glom onto this and sign up for it instantly because this would translate to Trump losing? You have to notice that they’re rejecting this. Now, you might say, “Yeah, because they don’t want 1.8! They want 3.6 million. They want 15 million!”

Well, they’re never gonna get that. They’re falling… I think they’re falling into this trap again, and Durbin is being made a fool of… I better stop. I actually should shut up here. I may be giving away too much of the game here to these dingbats. You know, they listen here when they want to. [emphasis added] The Democrats have already started smearing Trump’s proposal as white supremacist policy? We’re talking about the DREAMer kids!

Now, part of Trump’s offer does require meritocracy, and that’s what the Democrats can’t stand. That’s another thing. Donald Trump is saying, “We want the best people coming into our country. We want people who love America. We want people who can support themselves. We want people who are gonna become American. We want people are gonna grow our economy.” And what are the Democrats saying? “The hell with that! That’s white supremacy! We need the invigoration that our country gets from immigration.”

They want their permanent underclass. They want the current illegal crop to be granted amnesty. They want nothing more than a never-ending group of people in total dependency, and they are rejecting this. They’ve just been offered a deal that grants amnesty to the children — that’s their number one constituency group, 1.6 or 1.8 million of ’em — and they’re turning it down. They cannot accept it. This is a reasonable offer that the Democrats have to refuse because their prime constituency group is not seen by them as benefiting.


I think Rush and Steven Hayward are right. I don’t think Rush is selling us out. I think he just playing the game a lot better than past GOP heavy hitters have ever done.

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