Hillary Clinton, still protecting male harassers in 2008

She’s lost her shine, this is from her protector in chief, the NYT:

Hillary Clinton Chose to Shield a Top Adviser Accused of Harassment in 2008

Hillary Clinton campaign’s Senior Adviser for Faith Based Operations, Burns Strider, in 2008

A senior adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign who was accused of repeatedly sexually harassing a young subordinate was kept on the campaign at Mrs. Clinton’s request, according to four people familiar with what took place.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager at the time recommended that she fire the adviser, Burns Strider. But Mrs. Clinton did not. Instead, Mr. Strider was docked several weeks of pay and ordered to undergo counseling, and the young woman was moved to a new job.

Mr. Strider, who was Mrs. Clinton’s faith adviser, a co-founder of the American Values Network, and sent the candidate scripture readings every morning for months during the campaign, was hired five years later to lead an independent group that supported Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 candidacy, Correct the Record, which was created by a close Clinton ally, David Brock.

He was fired after several months for workplace issues, including allegations that he harassed a young female aide, according to three people close to Correct the Record’s management.


The reason someone’s past behavior is relevant is because it’s a strong predictor of their future behavior. Hillary Clinton had decades of history protecting harassers so long as they were men in  a position to serve her political interests. This guy evidently was providing her with access  and support from faith based organizations, so that’s all she cared about. She played the same role she’d been playing since she married Bubba. It was a habit, it was comfortable, it was routine.

All her claims to be a champion for women are BS.

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