Google’s Hostile Workplace of Morbid Political Correctness

James Damore is a  former employee of Google who was fired for having conservative political views. Damore has filed an individual and a class action lawsuit against Google on several counts arising out to Google’s invidious discrimination against him for being a caucasian male with heterodox political views.

The complaint is set forth below in Scribd. It’s a fascinating thing to read. Google has created a hostile working environment for anyone who fails to subscribe lock, stock and barrel to Google Management’s  malignant and politically correct views on every aspect of an employee’s life. If you are a radical leftist you might like working at Google. If you are anything else you will have to hide under the radar because if found out you will be harassed and eventually, ignominiously fired.

Google has sadistically singled out white males with conservative views for harassment, shame and embarrassment because that is the one group in America that can be subjected to the most vile treatment with near impunity.

Radical leftists can’t stop calling conservatives fascists. Of course, this sort of name calling is really just psychological transference, and the treatment of James Damore by Google proves it.

This class action lawsuit is for the purpose of forcing Google and its kind to stop this madness. Sad to say though, the suit is in California and I’m not sure a court in that state will find anything wrong with Google’s conduct.

James Damore Lawsuit by M Mali on Scribd

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