Sessions orders review of Obama’s assistance to Hezbollah

The new book, Harpoon: Inside the Covert War Against Terrorism’s Money, explains how Israel and the United States began to fight terrorism in the late 1990s up until 2008 by targeting the money that if funneled to Islamic terrorists organization from numerous sources, both government and private, to support terrorism mainly against Israel, Europe and the United States. Money is he life blood of terrorism and you can kill the monster by bleeding it to death. Money buys weapons and material to make explosives. Money pays the families whose sons and daughters carry out suicide bombings. Money pays the salaries and expenses of the Jihadists who carry out terrorist attacks. Money flowing to terrorists organization from numerous sources has made the terrorists leaders extremely wealthy men.

Harpoon developed ingenious ways to make terrorist money disappear, sometimes overnight. Without money Hezzbolah, Hamas, the PLO and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIL) can be crippled.

Hezbollah has deep ties to Iran. You might say Hezbollah is a wholly owned subsidiary of Iran. Hezbollah operates several international criminal enterprises to finance terrorism against Israel. Hezbollah provides financial support to other terrorist organization operating in the United States and Europe. Obama had to have known all this when he embarked on his nuclear deal with Iran.

From a bombshell Politico article last week we learned that Barack Obama shut down multiple law enforcement efforts to investigate Hezbollah’s criminal operation in the U.S., and much or Europe, South America, and the Middle East.  Part of Hezbollahs criminal activity included running cocaine into the United States over the porous border with Mexico.

In addition to crippling U.S. government efforts to stop Hezbollah’s cocaine traffic Obama transferred $1.7 Billion dollars to Iran all in cash. These pallets of cash, all in non-United States denominations, were flown to Iran in an airplane loaded with the cash. Why did make this transfer of money to Iran in cash? Well, remember Israel, U.S. and European intelligence services have for some time been able to shut down the transfer of money to terrorist organizations when the transfers are accomplish with wire transfers and normal banking operations. Did Obama intentionally thwart law enforcements’ ability to fight international criminal activity to get his Iran nuclear deal?

Well, perhaps we’ll soon see.

Sessions orders DOJ review after report Obama Administration gave Hezbollah a pass

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