Hillary in 2020 — Don’t Bet On It

Hope and Change for 2020

Before you get your hope’s up for Hillary in 2020, consider this. Occam’s Razor holds that when there are two possible explanations for an occurrence the simpler one is most likely the correct one. Another way to state this is that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Occam’s Razor is one of best rules of logic ever devised.

Democrat Establishment Wants Clintons to Go Away

A recent occurrence is that the Democrat establishment seems to have turned on the Clintons. There appears to be a mission to abandon the Clintons and to end their 30-year run of dominance and influence in the Democrat party. Why?

There are two competing explanations. One is that Democrats have finally come to realize that their years of lying and dissembling to protect Bill Clinton from sex scandals and Hillary Clinton from her lying and law breaking is now threatening to place a moral stain on the Democrat party. A second explanation is simply that the Clintons have lost their ability to deliver money and power to Democrats.

A Moral Awakening?

So is it a sudden moral awakening in the Democrat party, or is it just about money and power? A lot of assumptions would have to be made to believe Democrats have suddenly grown a moral conscience. No assumptions need be made about Democrats’ hunger for money and power. We may be stymied at times trying to understand what’s in their minds, but we know with ontological certainty what is in their hearts.

When Democrats defended the Clintons from all of their crimes and shenanigans it was about money and power for the Democrat party.  They now want to rid themselves of the Clintons for the same reason, too maintain and grow their money and power.  In every criminal organization, and the Clinton Machine has been nothing less, the issue is always not what you have done for the cause in past times. It’s always about what have you done for us lately, and what you can deliver in the future.

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

The Clintons haven’t done much for Democrats lately, and the future isn’t looking good. In the past, Democrats smeared Clinton accusers to protect the money and power they gained from the public popularity of the Clintons. Now they’ll exploit those same victims to get rid of the Clintons.

Just 3 days ago the Clinton-worshiping New York Times ran an Op-ed by Michelle Goldberg,  I believe Juanita [Referring to Broaddrick’s 1978 allegation that Bill Clinton raped her] in which she pens this sentence: “It’s fair to conclude that because of Broaddrick’s allegations, Bill Clinton no longer has a place in decent society.” Until now, no one on this earth could have believed that such a pronouncement would ever appear in the pages of the NYT.

Hard core Clintonista Donna Brazile has a book out attacking Hillary for rigging the Democrat primary against Bernie Sanders. She’s on a book tour to promote her book. Does anyone really believe that Donna Brazile did not know from the outset the Democrat primary was being rigged to make sure Hillary prevailed?

So What’s Going On?

Democrats never do anything for the reasons their voters imagine. Rational people will often attach a reason for someone’s action that mirrors what they would do in the same situation. The Democrat establishment always does the opposite. They didn’t smear Bill Clinton’s accusers while he was president because they believed the women were lying. They smeared them because they knew the women were telling the truth. The truth of Juanita Broaddrick’s rape accusation didn’t suddenly occur to Democrats. They always knew it was true. They are admitting it now only because they think that is what will be in their best interest now.

Democrat voters have shallow memories. They either won’t see the contradiction or they’ll simply put it out of their minds and believe what they want to believe.

Wishful and Wistful

Hillary believes she will be the Democrat candidate in 2020 and, this time by God, she’s going to defeat Donald Trump. The Democrat establishment is going to see it much differently. They don’t want to lose again, and they aren’t going to allow Hillary to sabotage their other candidates in 2020.

Hillary’s mind has always been easier to read than Bill’s.  She’s not just crooked, she’s nuts.

Similar: New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand suddenly thinks Bill Clinton should have resigned the presidency after it was discovered he was getting blow jobs in the oval office from a White House intern. She’s a risible example of Democrat duplicity, hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty.



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