What Should Be Done To Stop Mass Shootings?

John Lott in an Op-Ed at Fox News: Texas shooting: Liberal media fixates on laws that wouldn’t have stopped attack, ignores good guy with gun

We know that the attack at the Texas church could have been even worse if it wasn’t for an armed civilian. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, “A local resident grabbed his rifle and engaged the suspect, the suspect dropped his rifle and fled from the church.”

Something should be done, but the question is what. Texas lets each church decide whether to allow permitted concealed handguns, and we don’t know whether this particular church allowed it. What we do know is that time is crucial. The longer it takes for someone to arrive at the scene with a gun, the more people who will be harmed.

If the media and politicians want to do something effective, they could take a page out of Israel’s playbook. When there is a surge in terrorist attacks , Israeli police call on permitted civilians to make sure that they have their guns with them at all times.

Police tend to support an increase in permits. “What would help most in preventing large-scale shootings in public?” PoliceOne asked its 450,000 American officer members in 2013. The most common answer: “More permissive concealed carry policies for civilians.”

Eighty percent of the surveyed officers believed that allowing permitted concealed handguns would reduce the number of victims of mass public shootings.

Thank God, there was a good guy with a gun on Sunday in Sutherland Springs.

It’s illogical and ignorant to believe disarming peaceful people will reduce gun violence. The logical outcome will be more mass shootings, not less. When concealed carry of firearms by qualified citizens becomes more common it is never necessary for everyone to be armed. Those who do not want to carry firearms still get the benefit of those who do carry. The mass shooter doesn’t want to be confronted by anyone with the ability to effectively resist and stop him. He may know that not everyone in a crowd is armed but if he knows some are and he does not which ones are, his whole scheme becomes untenable for it depends on nobody stopping him before he’s accomplishes what he came to do.

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