A “Million Mom March” From 75 years ago

The first million mom march was made by some Jewish moms nearly 70 years ago.

It happened at Mizocz Ghetto, Poland on October 14, 1942. These mom’s husbands were sent to labor and/or death camps. Then the moms were stripped of their clothes and marched to a ravine to be shot. Some were holding infants.

After the mass shooting, some of the Jewish moms were still alive. This picture shows a German policeman shooting them.

It’s astounding that the Germans took pictures of this. The source of these photos is the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. It’s also astounding that the current members of the “Million Mom March” are unmoved by them, or unmoved in any way that might be effective in assuring this sort of thing never happens again.

Many more photos taken by the Waffen SS 

Placing more gun restrictions on peaceful people who need a gun for self defense makes as much sense as banning forks because some people are fat.

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