“If only we had gun control.”

I don’t believe in coincidences, and so I understand the real reason why cities controlled by liberal Democrats have routine gun violence that far outstrips violence in cities controlled by conservative Republicans. Liberals calling for gun control after every rampage shooting are really blaming lawful gun owners and the NRA for the failure of their own policies.

Sultan Knish (Daniel Greenfield):

There’s always some country that’s a shining example of how gun control works.

The Europeans, who are progressive, suave and sophisticated, have no doubt figured out gun prohibition, along with socialized medicine. But just this April, a Muslim terrorist opened fire on the Champs-Élysées in Paris with an AK-47 rifle. He killed a police officer and wounded several others.

Two months later, another Islamic terrorist with an AK-47 rammed his car into a police van on the Champs-Elysees.

French gun control was working wonderfully.

The Bataclan attackers and other members of their cell had no trouble getting their hands on Kalashnikovs either. The Charlie Hebdo attackers used an AK knockoff.

Muslim terrorists were able to repeatedly strike in France despite its gun control laws. And they used the weapons that the media refers to with ominous dread as “assault rifles”.

“We have so many weapons in Paris,” the spokesman for France’s police union had complained.

The French authorities seize some 1,200 “assault rifles” every year. Meanwhile in the capital of the European Union, you can get a “military weapon” for $500 in half an hour.

Gun control works as well at keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists as enforcement does at keeping drugs out of the hands of criminals.

Legal firearms make it easier for people to defend themselves and for the authorities to track criminals. Criminalizing firearms just creates a massive black market in which anything goes.

The Charlie Hebdo terrorists brought a rocket-propelled grenade launcher to the party. That’s what happens when you let the black market take over. You don’t control guns. Instead you feed a black market and lose all control over the sorts of weapons being sold in your country.

Conclusion: Gun Control Creates More Violence

Liberal Democrat policies such as gun control make for more, not less, day-to-day violence and rampage shootings. It’s easy to understand this. Criminals gangs hate their rival gangs and that leads to violence among gangs; and criminals and rampage shooters want unarmed victims. Democrat gun control increases all types of violence and especially gun violence by making access to guns by people who should not have them more likely to be able to get them.

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