Glad to be at the end of this awful week

Ace of Spades:

The end of an absolutely horrific week. Still in the lead is the Las Vegas massacre, both the investigation as well as the political fallout. Judging from only the released information from the authorities about what the girlfriend has said, we have at best an incomplete picture and some very troubling circumstantial evidence. He possessed the same explosive that was used in the jihadist bombing in NYC last year, he had targeted mass events in both Chicago and Boston and ISIS is still claiming he converted to Islam and is one of their own. Amazing how almost one year after the 2016 election, the Left and its Deep State operatives are still investigating Russian collusion but within seconds of the Vegas shooter being taken out had ruled out any involvement with Islamist or Anti-Trump Leftist terrorism.

Politically, the Left is dancing on the still warm corpses of the victims, who while they were alive were vilified as bitter-clinger Nazi Jesus freaks who want to turn America into the Handmaid’s Tale. They were oddly silent after the Durbin-linked, Democrat-inspired assassin mowed down Steve Scalise and others at a GOP softball practice. Now, of course, we must do something because, as usual, the GOP and NRA have blood on their hands! The Left knows that to call for the abolishing of the Second Amendment is political suicide, so like the sneaky cancerous Alinskyite vermin they are, they go after it bit by bit, incrementally. That is why the bump-stock ban should be opposed tooth and nail. Sadly, it seems that PDT is signaling a cave on this when in fact, as I raved yesterday, logic, facts and reason should be used to shut this crap down once and for all, especially considering that the overwhelming majority of gun owners in this country have the President’s back.


As I said in my post “Mind of a Mass Killer” mass killers are psychopaths but they are not psychotic. Their meticulous planning reveals attention to detail and circumstances that require more mental discipline and determination than a true psychotic would be capable of carrying out. Paddock is like Unabomber Ted Kaczynski — the quintessential psychopath — methodical, intelligent, and heartless.

In no way are these craven monsters psychotic. They never attack anyone who can fight back. The main reason all the hoopla about guns after one of these attacks is so stupid is that any new law that imposes further restrictions on decent law-abiding people will only create more hunting grounds for mass killers. Above all, they look for places where they won’t face any resistance. They go after unarmed victims. It makes no sense to give them more of what they seek.

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