“Turn In Your Guns, The Government Will Take Care of You”

After Las Vegas, Democrats Send In the Clowns

Imagine there has been a horrible case of child abuse in your neighborhood. A large family with 10 children had parents who brutally beat their kids, and two died. In reacting to that horrendous news, there’s a knock at your door. It’s your mayor and police chief.

“I understand you have two children in this house. Is that correct?” the mayor asks.

“Yes, that’s true. Why?” you reply.

“We’re going to need to see them, to inspect them to make sure they haven’t been subjected to abuse by you,” the chief says.

“Wait, what? You’re not going to inspect my children,” you respond.

“We are going to. And we’re going to monitor your kids from here on out, stopping by periodically to check on them, inspect their bodies for bruises and have them talk to a psychologist to make sure they aren’t being emotionally abused either,” the chief shoots back.

“What the hell gives you the right to do that?” you ask.

“After the horrible abuse that took place a few blocks away, we decided that we had to insert ourselves into the lives of all parents to prevent that from happening ever again,” the mayor says. “So we’ve passed a new law that says we can curtail parental rights for the greater good. Now go get your children.”

No one would accept their parental rights being stripped because a monster abused his, yet this is exactly what liberals seek to do every time there is a high-profile shooting. They want to curtail the rights of law abiding citizens because one evil individual committed a heinous act.

Hell no.

Gun control is not as much about guns as it is about control. Even anti-gun leftists are coming to this conclusion.

Liberals are assaulting the First Amendment’s protections for speech they don’t like. They’re assaulting religious liberty, and they’re aerial bombing the Second Amendment. To preserve these freedoms is going to require a never-ending fight. And that fight starts by telling these clowns trying to chip away further at any of our rights to get back in their car and go to hell.

America’s founders gave us a Declaration of Independence and a Constitution designed for a self-governing people. We are supposed to have a government that rules by consent of the governed. We should never give our consent to be assaulted by vicious liberals who would render us helpless while giving aid and comfort to heartless killers.

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