Democrat Bigotry and Falsehood In Everything

The Washington Post Gets It Wrong On New Gun Legislation

From The Daily Caller:

Law-abiding gun owners are tired of reading articles from elitist writers who want nothing more than to eliminate gun ownership in America. The latest example was Dana Milbank’s Sept. 11 piece, “The NRA’s idea of recreation: Assault rifles, armor-piercing bullets and silencers.

Milbank’s article, about a new piece of pro-sportsmen legislation, the SHARE Act, is littered with misleading and incorrect terminology to describe even the most basic firearms classifications, revealing how little he actually knows about guns.  His contempt for hunters, NRA members and gun owners in general is made clear through his condescending tone and misrepresentation of the facts.

To be blunt, Milbank’s extreme rhetoric gets it wrong on every front and the bill is nothing as he describes.  Among its many provisions, the bill accomplishes several goals that hunters and anglers have been seeking for many years.

The bill allows states to allocate more funds toward the construction and improvement of regulated shooting facilities so that law-abiding gun owners can take training classes and engage in recreational shooting.  The bill protects — and provides recourse — for law-abiding gun owners who are unfairly targeted by extreme anti-gun jurisdictions when traveling state-to-state, a protection that already exists under federal law. And it lifts the current ban on carrying self-defense firearms on millions of acres of federal land, while easing the regulations on suppressors so that hunters can protect against hearing loss while in the field.

Dana Milbank is a member of the Washington club of elites that wants to demolish most of American heritage in order to achieve their utopian dreams of a socialist state where government power prevails over individual rights.

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