Democrats love their signs — bigotry as phony virtue signaling

Megan Fox at PJ Media, Sign posted at the door of a leftist restaurant:

Democrats love their signs.

A long, long time ago, Democrats had a lot of fun with signs. They posted them everywhere — on drinking fountains, in restaurants, in clothing stores, you name it. There was a sign for every scenario for telling people with dark skin color what to do and where to go. These Democrats, like Bull Connor, just loved their signs. Those signs made sure that “colored” people knew their place — which was far away from the white Democrats who hated them. Those same Democrats turned firehoses and dogs on the black Republicans (like Martin Luther King Jr.) who dared confront them on their bigotry and hatred. Those black Republicans marched with white Christian abolitionists (also Republicans) to end the evil scourge of racism in this nation. Yet, over time, the Democrats have successfully whitewashed their involvement with their deeply racist past. They managed to blame it on Republicans (as usual) and Republicans haven’t been smart enough to fight the myth, even though the majority of the opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was overwhelmingly Democrat.

This sign purports to say all are welcome but it’s obvious that anyone who disagrees with the owner’s politics is not welcome. Democrats haven’t changed much.  Their unbridled bigotry remains rampant, it their hearts in their minds, and in their signs.

Read the rest of Megan fox’s article, it’s valuable.


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