The Justice Department Should Be Investigating the Democrats

The allegations of collusion by the Trump Campaign and the Russians are as phony as a $40 dollar bill. Yet this false scandal has dominated the news for 9 months. Every Democrat wakes each morning with reinvigorated hoped that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will find something, anything, they can use to bring Trump down and force him from the White House.

At the time of Mueller’s appointment we were told that he is a man of impeccable integrity and would conduct an upright honest investigation. Now it appears that Mueller, unable to find any evidence of Trump/Russia collusion, has decided to go on a witch hunt against President Trump in hopes of finding something, anything, in Trump’s busness dealings from the time of he first had a Kool-Aid stand when he was 6 years old to the present. Mueller, the so-called “man of impeccable integrity” turns out to be just another tool for the Democrats. We could have guessed as much.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are awash in scandals of their own, none of which are being investigated. Finally, the GOP is making an effort to fight back, feeble as it probably will prove to be. The House Judiciary Committee has written a letter to the Justice Department requesting investigations into no less than fourteen separate scandals surrounding Democrats and the Obama Administration.

John Hinderaker says it best: “At a time when the corruption of the Democratic Party stinks to high heaven, it is absurd that the ‘investigation’ garnering nearly all the headlines relates to something that didn’t happen.”

Hinderaker uploaded the letter from the House Judiciary Committee to Scribd, Scroll down to page 4 of the letter for the list of 14 separate scandals for which the House Republicans want the Justice Department to appoint a second special counsel to investigate.

072717 Hjc Letter to Ag Dag by John Hinderaker on Scribd

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