David Petraeus is wrong for Secretary of State

Donald Trump has recently expanded his search for a nominee to be Secretary of State. That’s a good thing and perhaps it means that neither David Petraeus nor Mitt Romney will be the nominee. Democrats are vehemtly opposed to Petraeus and normally that would be a recommendation for him. But Republicans and conservatives should also oppose Petraeus.

Petraeous has attacked the 2nd Amendment by teaming up with Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords to form the “Veterans Coalition for Common Sense”, a new gun control group. Peaceful law-abiding American gun owners worked hard to help Donald Trump win the election. The NRA endorsed Trump and spent a lot of money to help him win. He should not betray them with Petraeus.

As a four-star General Petreaus was and may still be protected by a cadre of men armed to the teeth. Anyone who enjoys the safety of armed security and who then wants to take away the right of ordinary citizens to protect themselves with the most effective tool for that purpose are despicable and should not be considered for any office that would give them the power to indulge themselves in such a manner.

The State Department has a lot of power over what guns and gun parts can be imported into the United States. Right now there are thousands of M1 Garand rifles and M1 Carbines sitting in a warehouse in South Korea. The M1 Garand is the quintessential American rifle. It has historic significance and many law-abiding Americans would like to own one.

These rifles were intened to be brought home and sold to qualified citizens through the Civilian Marksmanship Program, but Obama and Hillary Clinton stopped that project in its tracks. With Trump as president it is likely that restriction would be lifted and these pieces of American history could be repatriated. With someone such as David Petreaus as Secretary of State that might never happen. Romney is likely to be no better on that score. At least I don’t believe he can be trusted to take any steps that would expand the freedom of his fellow Americans. He sure never seemed to care about anyone’s freedom in 2008 and that is at least part of the reason he lost the election.

Just say no, Mr. President-elect, to both David Petraeus and Mitt Romney. Sadly, while there is much to like about Rudy Giuliani, he is also anti-gun and so the search should go beyond him as well. Expanding the search for the right person is a good idea.

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