Why you should still vote for Trump

In a post back on May 31st, Three Reasons to Vote for Trump, Reason No. 2 was, Since Trump is a white male Republican the media will, for once, do its job as the Fourth Estate. If Hillary is elected the media will double down as slobbering sycophants.

E.M. Williams at the American Thinker elaborates on that theme, Why you should vote for Trump even if you can’t stand him:

There are people who think that Trump is a monster, like that out-of-control animal terrorizing your otherwise peaceful neighborhood.  I could point out that his reputation has been unfairly attacked by his opponents, but many people I know simply do not like him – or trust him.  For those people, I offer this simple thought.

Let us say Trump really is a monster.  Hillary is just as bad – actually, much worse.  Let us concede, then, that no matter who wins in November, the White House will be occupied by a monster.  Our only hope, then, is a strong leash – a system of constraints that will limit the damage the monster can do.

With Trump, there will be a leash.  The media will oppose him at every turn.  So will the opposition party.   Members of his own party are already standing up to him.

But with Hillary, there will be no leash.  The media will not constrain her – and neither will any members of her own party.  She has violated many laws, and instead of investigating and prosecuting, those who should indict her are spearheading the cover-up.  If Hillary becomes president, they will turn a blind eye to her abuses, and they will cheer her on as she terrorizes the neighborhood.

We have a choice in this election.  If you see little difference between the two monsters, then look at the leash.  Vote for the one who will be kept on the leash.  Vote for Trump.

This argument has relevance beyond Trump. We want the media, all media, to do its job of keeping us informed of what our government is doing. We want the media to be honest and forthright. We don’t want a media that is the junior partner of corrupt politicians.

The media is presently the junior partner of the Democrat party and does its reporting with a eye to helping the Democrats in all their dirty work. The media hates Republicans. They only do what we want them to do when Republicans are in power, even though they still are not honest. They continue tol lie. We know that and we can think around their lies. Thus, we still get better information about what government is up to than we do when Democrats are in power.

Therefore, you should always vote Republican even if you can’t stand them.

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