Woman’s right to choose; man’s right to choose

When a woman decides to have an abortion the man who is the father of the baby has no right to interfere. He has no right to even offer his opinion unless the woman wants. She is carrying the baby so its her choice. Legally, the father has no interest in whether his child lives or dies.

The Supreme Court was thinking this way when it decided in Planned Parenthood v. Casey that men have no reproductive rights. It follows logically that if men have no reproductive rights they have no reproductive responsibility. This logic has profound effects on society, and it has not gone unnoticed by men. Nor by women.

In the video above actress Naya Rivera says her decision to have an abortion was made and executed without telling the father, Ryan Dorsey. Later she told him what she had done. He took it well, she said, and that made her love him all the more. The other women exclaimed, “What a man!”

I think many women probably agree with Naya Rivera’s stance that she didn’t need to involve the father in her decision to have an abortion. A lot of men probably also agree.

OK, then. I think they must also agree with this modest proposal that I’m making.

We all know that a woman’s right to choose is sacred, right? A woman’s choice in one instance may result in an unwanted pregnancy, but she can correct that by exercising another choice, her choice to terminate her pregnancy. We sometimes hear it expressed as a choice not to become a parent. I think that’s an accurate way of phrasing it.

So what about a man’s right to choose? Hold on there, you say. A man cannot become pregnant, what’s for him to choose? He made his choice when he had sex that resulted in a woman’s unwanted pregnancy. The only choice now available is left to her.

Maybe not. If we can find a way to achieve parity in this situation, shouldn’t we take a serious look at that? After all, equality of people in all situations is a high goal of liberals everywhere. It’s not just equality of opportunity that lights the way for liberals, it’s equality of outcomes they most cherish. Everyone being able to reach the finish line at the same time, nobody being embarrassed or offended, that’s the ticket to the good life for liberals.

Well I’ve thought of a way that a man can have the freedom to choose on a parity with a woman’s freedom and right to choose. For this I expect to have the thanks and praise of liberals everywhere.

This modest proposal doesn’t involve the slightest interference with the woman’s right to choose.

A man’s right to choose, under my proposal, will be made possible by enacting a new law in each state that provides in all cases of the pregnancy of a woman to whom a man is not married, so long as the sexual intercourse was consensual and legal, that the man involved may choose not to be the parent of the child so conceived simply by filing an affidavit in a state registry created for that purpose, and stating his choice not to be the parent of the child his sexual partner now carries. If the affidavit is timely filed before the baby is born the man shall never be held responsible as the father of the child, and the woman shall have no right to allege paternity against that man.

In order to protect the privacy of the woman involved the registry should not be a public record. This is so because any man who suspects he might be the father but without knowing for sure, may file such an affidavit to protect himself from becoming the parent of an unwanted child. In cases where multiple men file such affidavits related to one woman’s pregnancy her privacy and protection from undue embarrassment must be protected, of course.

I don’t know why equality obsessed liberals haven’t floated this modest proposal before, but I’m sure they’ll all be grateful someone has finally done it. I will not insist my name be given to the legislation.

As long as the right things happen it really doesn’t matter who gets the credit.

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