The U.S. Navy has become a playground for Marxist social experiments

In 1994 Kara Hultgreen, the first female to ever be certified as a carrier-based fighter pilot, crashed an F-14 Tomcat on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). She was killed instantly. Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness suggested that Hultgreen “may have been the victim of a flawed policy”, which overlooked her mistakes in training, two of which were similar to those that caused her death. A detailed explanation of the pilot errors leading to the crash can be found here. Hultgreen’s fate resulted from the Navy’s desperate need to have a female certified as a carrier-based fighter pilot, a distinction that is normally reserved for the best of the best because it involves flying skills that a very few of the men who try out for it ever achieve. In essense, the Navy’s idiotic social policy is responsible for the destruction of a multi-million dollar aircraft and the death of a young woman who would have had a stellar career if she had not been guided into a billet demanding skills she did not possess.

The Navy has learned nothing from this experience and is in fact now doubling down on the same madness that has already caused a lot of trouble. The appointment of Rear Admiral Michelle Howard to Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe is the result or more of the sort of “flawed policy” that led to the Kara Hultgreen tragedy. Admiral Howard is a staff officer who had never seen combat or even held a post on a genuine U.S. Navy war ship. It appears that she is being offered this billet solely to satisfy a diversity goal of the uber left wing Ray Mabus, Obama’s Secretary of the Navy. Admiral Howard is a black female. This time it’s the national security of the United States that is being set aside in pursuit of an unwarranted social experiment.

Ray Mabus’ Social Experiment Navy is Steaming Ahead to Disaster.

Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, is a left wing, cultural Marxist, whose social experiment policies are turning the US Navy into a feckless fiasco on the high seas.

Mabus is responsible for pushing women into the Navy SEALs, Marine infantry, a new Orwellian gender neutral lexicon, Marine Corps Unconscious Bias Training, while also completely ignoring the Corps’ $36 million dollar study that showed why women can’t meet the rough standards of the combat arms and special operations.

Mabus’s latest social experiment laboratory creation is the selection of Admiral Michelle Howard as Commander of US Naval Forces Europe. Howard was the former Vice Chief of Naval Operations until May 2016.

In the past, the Commander of US Naval Forces Europe, like the Vice CNO, has always been an officer with a myriad of ship time, command experience and more importantly, an officer heavy on combat duty.

Admiral Howard, though, has very little ship time, command time and no combat experience.

Howard is obviously a decent staff officer, but was blatantly unqualified to be the Vice CNO and now the Commander of US Naval Forces Europe. It is clear that she has gotten as far as she has because she’s an African-American woman in a military run by feminists and left wing idealogues who are intent on destroying every last vestige of the US military we all knew and loved.

Since 2008, hundreds of superb admirals, generals and other high ranking military officers have been purged from the military for the simple reason that they refused to comply with Obama’s Great Leap Backward, the Cultural Revolution engulfing the military like a ten alarm fire.

Admiral Howard is the diversity, female empowerment poster child for the new Navy, which is high on social experimentation and sensitivity and extremely low on combat power and fighting spirit.

Just ask our new nuclear deal buddies, the Iranians. They’ll tell you what kind of American matadors they faced out in the Persian Gulf last January. From crying sailors, to officers who willingly surrender their boats and men, to future CNO’s with no ship command and combat experience, the US Navy is a shadow of its former greatness.

Diversity is not a combat multiplier. Diversity, like all political correctness is cultural Marxism. With diversity at the helm, the Navy is on a course of destruction that will be Biblical.

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