DOJ’s Phoney Report on Baltimore Police

DOJ has the Baltimore Police Department in its cross hairs, releasing a 161-page report last week claiming Baltimore cops intentionally target blacks for stops and arrests. Baltimore is a black majority city (63% of the population) with a black majority police department (1,445 out of 2,745 total active duty police officers).

This is the usual flapdoodle nonsense I expect from the Obama/Lynch Department of Injustice. The sole critereia for the report’s conclusion of racial bias is that police contacts with blacks are disproportionate to the number of police contacts with other races. Somehow this is supposed to be evidence of racially biased policing practices. It can’t be that blacks commit crimes disporportionate to other races, and if you even suggest so you will be labeled as racist.

Drawing such conclusions by comparing the ratio of members a particular race stopped or arrested with their ratio of the population is bogus so, of course, the liberal media ate it up and swallowed it whole.

Manhattan Institute scholar Heather MacDonald dismantles this tommyrot crapola at National Review Online:

The Justice Department accuses the Baltimore police of a pattern or practice of violating blacks’ civil rights. Justice’s methodology for reaching that conclusion is by now drearily familiar: Because blacks are stopped and arrested by the Baltimore police at a higher rate than their representation in the Baltimore population, the police are guilty of racial bias. This use of a population benchmark to analyze police activity is preposterously misguided, given the large disparities in rates of criminal victimization and crime commission. In 2015, more than 90 percent of Balimore’s homicide victims were black, even though blacks are only 63 percent of the city’s population. Though the police department does not report the race of criminals, it is certain that at least 90 percent of homicide and shootings suspects in Baltimore are also black. To expect police activity to match population ratios when crime commission is not evenly spread throughout the population is either disingenuous or disqualifyingly ignorant.

I’d say it’s both but I’d use a stronger word that disingenuous, like say, fraudulent or malignant stupidity. If there were a city with an all black population and an all black police department Barack Obama and Lorretta Lynch would be after them for never stopping any white people. Like maybe, they should bus some in just to make it fair.

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