Liars — How progressives exploit our fears for power and control

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.00.18 AMIn Greek Mythology Cassandra is given the gift of prophesy and the curse that while she could accurately see into the future and know what calamities were coming, nobody would ever believe her. Thus when she warned Troy that that the Trojan Horse contained Greek warriors she was not believed.

In our times so-called “progressives,” the term liberals have adopted since giving the word liberal a negative connotation, do not have the gift of prophesy but they do seem to have the gift of the power to make us believe them. Well, not all of us. I’ve never believed any the tommyrot they spew daily. Vast enough numbers of people do believe them. This is usually to their detriment because it leads to surrender their freedom and money for worthless liberal causes.

The ethanol mandate is an example of people believing the lies and getting stuck with having to pay more for energy for something that does none of the things liberals claim for it. We know ethanol harms our engines, does not reduce pollution, and is actually harmful to the environment and benefits no one except crony capitalist corn producers and the politicans who gain their politcal support. Yet it seems impossible to get rid of it.

Global warming, climate change, global cooling, or what the name for the latest climate scam might be, is a wonderful example of how progressives have been able to take our freedom, enrich themselves with our money, and increase their power and control over us all because we have been gullible enough to believe the junk science they have pounded into our heads for the last 40 years. Even after the release of the East Anglia emails and the exposure of the hockey stick hoax millions of Americans still worship in the church of climate change.

It is easy for we the people to castigate those who are lying to us but we really should castigate ourselves for being foolish and believing them.

Glenn Beck’s new book explains the only way to break the cycle is to understand why Americans fall for the deception over and over again. As Eric Hoffer told us over 60 years ago, the true believers seek to infect society with a malady and then offer themselves as the remedy. They get away with this only if we let them.

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