Addressing a group of women who protested him by turning their backs while he was passing the street with a convoy, Erdoğan had said “ over there… a group… excuse me… my decency does not allow me to say… [They] are making a sign by turning their backs.”

Didim 3rd Criminal Court of First Instance, which sentenced the woman to jail time, said that the woman carried out a concrete action which could hurt the complainant’s dignity by carrying the banner in public.

More than 1,500 cases were opened against people for “insulting the president” since Erdoğan came to office in 2014.

So here’s the deal Trump, if you want to punish people who criticize you maybe you should go run  for president of Turkey. There’s also another option if you can’t take criticism. Don’t be a public figure.  Oh, too late for that. You already made that decision and it’s not revocable. Besides, you can still mean tweet everyone you don’t like. Isn’t that what you think a real statesmen does?

I guess there is one other option as well. Trump could just defend himself, something he’s good at [except for the nasty name calling which doesn’t work so well], and stop making empty threats to bring suits he cannot win. He should also stop threatening to “open up libel law.” It’s a Constitutional free speech issue and most people believe the Supreme Court came up with a pretty good balance between the First Amendment and libelous reporting on public figures. We want people to be able to speak their mind freely because government is a powerful force and a constant menace to the liberty rights of free people. We don’t want to be like Turkey, or even like the U.K. where the courts are clogged with libel and slander cases because the libel laws are tilted in favor of plaintiffs of all stripes.  We want free and open debate on social and poliitical issues without fear of reprisal. The remedy for false and offensive speech is more speech, not less.