Trump offering something we don’t want

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.15.04 AMDonald Trump is saying he has great relationships with Pelosi and Reid and he will make deals with Democrats. I don’t think that is what his supporters want. They’ve seen how Republicans make “deals” with Democrats and that “We the People” always seem to lose more of our freedom when these deals are made.

Rush Limbaugh responds:  I’m just telling you, it’s a red flag to a lot of people. They don’t want to work with Democrats.  They don’t want anybody working with them.  They want people who are gonna smoke ’em.  They want people who are gonna cream ’em.  They want people who are gonna drive them into the ground and bury them, and then hammer the political nails one after another and end this. 

Yes, we want a Republican that will deliver political opposition to Democrats, not one who will be making back-room “deals” with them.

Trump doesn’t understand the difference between a business deal where both sides go away from the table with something to their mutual benefit and a political struggle between one side who wants to clobber us with laws and regulations that take away our money and our liberty and the other side fighting like hell to preserve our money and our liberty. We only get to keep our money and liberty if we win that fight, not if we agree to give up a little less than they are demanding today because they’ll keep coming back again and again until they get it all.

In our history we’ve seen a lot of deals, fair deals, new deals, square deals, raw deals, and every time these “deals” end up taking us to the cleaners. Deals are what John McCain and Lindsay Graham do, and every one of them has been terrible. That’s what Marco Rubio tried to do with “the gang of eight” and it’s why he isn’t doing better in the polls.

Take your “deals” and put ‘em where the sun don’t shine, Trump!

You need a haircut, too.

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