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Martin Ginsburg saved many a tax lawyer from making a mistake

Martin Ginsburg (1932-2010) was Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s husband. He was a tax lawyer and law professor at Georgetown University in Washington DC. He was a specialist in Federal Tax Law. He wrote many articles on U.S. tax law which were published in several legal journals. After law school I practiced in an area of law…

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Serendipitous Lost Dog Rescue Story

A story of the unlikely rescue of a lost dog: In the summer of 1974 I did a lot of hiking around pearl pass in Colorado. It’s a little over 12,000 feet between Crested Butte and Aspen. There was, perhaps still is, an above timberline lake with lots of juicy brook trout. I enjoyed pitching…

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Beautiful Video of a Drone Flying the Norwegian Fjords

OOPS!! This video is from Norway, not Finland. From my friend Dave Nagler: Here is a BEAUTIFUL clip made with a drone flying in the Finnish Finnish Norwegian fjords, and it’s absolutely magnificent.   Here is a BEAUTIFUL clip made with a drone flying in the Finnish Norwegian fjords, and it’s absolutely magnificent.

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