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Judicial Politics Writ Large

UPDATE: For the second time the 9th Circuit has reversed District Court Judge Jon Tigar. The U.S. Supreme court also just found in Trump’s favor on Immigrant Asylum. The have to seek Asylum in the first country the step into. That will usually mean Mexico. A long-standing rule of Constitutional and Common Law jurisprudence is…

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China wants a different American president

China wants Trump to lose in 2020. China wants an American president that will cave to them and let the Chi-Coms go back to stealing American intellectual property and ripping us off on trade. The Democrats are happy to give China everything it wants. Tucker Carlson interviewed Bill Gertz last night on his new book,…

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A Gun Owner’s Responsibilities

The National Rifle Association is, among other things, a firearms training organization.  The NRA trains more responsible and law-abiding citizens that any other training entity in the Country.  The NRA has courses in firearms that range from the  “First Steps” of owning and using pistols and rifles to advanced defensive pistol classes for people who…

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