2015 hottest year ever?

Unless you are in a coma you’ve heard multiple times that 2015 was the hottest year ever and you’ll be hearing a lot more of that sort of thing in the days and weeks ahead.  It’s not true.

There is only one set of actual data on global average temperatures and it’s the satellite data of global average temperatures in the troposphere collected by the University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH) since 1979.  Data used by NASA and NOAA are derived from computer models, not actual global average temperature readings. Throughout the global warming debate almost all computer modeling has been wrong when compared to actual data. Computer modeling depends on the inputs of the modelers so is highly susceptible to manipulation.

This graph shows two temperature trends compiled by UAH (green line) and NASA (purple line). The flat line is from actual data collected from satellite records and the upward sloping trend is NASA’s manipulated data compiled by Gavin Schmidt of NASA:

Trend data

Here is what Tony Heller at Real Science says about this:

The fact that the US space agency is ignoring satellite data, is a pretty strong indication that the agency has collapsed into a hopelessly corrupt and decadent state.

If somehow all government grants and other funding of research of global warming/climate change were cut off tomorrow we would never hear another word about climate change or global warming. The whole problem would suddenly be solved.

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