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What, Me Worry?

I think I was about 9 years old when I discovered MAD Magazine.  I loved for its irreverence of authority and all things conventional.  That was 60 years ago.  I’m still a fan.  I still like its irreverence, because in irreverent humor one sees the truth more clearly. Poster for Obama’s unfortunate new movie: The…

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How much do you know about economics?

Economist Robert Higgs says you probably have as much expertise in economics and you have in astrophysics.  Few of us know much about astrophysics and the rest of us are wise enough not to claim otherwise.  But while everyone complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it, everybody complains about the economy and a…

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Tea Party test coming tomorrow in Mississippi

Tomorrow in Mississippi primary challenger Chris McDaniel, 41, will try to unseat 76-year old Senator Thad Cochran who was first elected to Congress from Mississippi in 1972. McDaniel is supported by the Tea Party and Sarah Palin is campaigning with him. Palin compared McDaniel to Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, telling a crown…

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