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This Isn’t 2008 Anymore, Mr. Axelrod

David Axelrod goes to Massachusetts to trash Mitt Romney, and gets heckled! I feared Romney would run a campaign similar to McCain in 2008, see Danger Foretold — Romney Acting Like McCain. He gave some indication of that, but now it appears I might have been wrong. If so, I’m very pleased to have been…

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Big Mac Economics

Princeton labour economist Orley Ashenfelter uses data from McDonald’s to study the economy. For him, Big Macs are a benchmark for comparing wages around the globe. This is from the Agenda with Steve Paikin, on Canadian public TV. The take away from this discussion is that only increases in productivity can increase real wage rates.…

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The Intolerance of Liberalism

Rush Limbaugh today treated his listeners to one of his best radio monologues in the years he’s been on the radio, in my view.  Rush does change minds but he mostly articulates what others are thinking but didn’t quite have the words to express, to themselves as well as to others.  That’s why and how…

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