186,873 Reasons to Carry a Gun

186,873. That’s the number of outstanding felony warrants for criminals who aren’t being pursued by the cops because they don’t have the resources to do it, according to USA Today (based on statistics from the FBI).  These are persons with outstanding felony warrants that have left the state in which they are wanted and have been detained for some reason, such as a traffic stop, in some other state and discovered to have a warrant for them in another state.  Cops in that state call the cops in the state that issued the warrant to let them know they can come get the fugitive they’re looking for. But the other state refuses because it doesn’t have the resources to send their cops to the other state to  transport the prisoner back.

So there are, as of the time the USA Today story was written, 186,873 felons walking around free among us.  Many of those are for violent felonies, even murder.

That’s 186,873 reasons for law-abiding citizens to be lawfully armed.  The number is growing.

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