100 Years On The Lincoln Highway

If you like old cars and old roads this video is for you. I grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming living most of the time two city blocks from the Lincoln Highway as it went through town from East to West. In 1963  the age of 17, I hitchhiked from Lima, Ohio to Cheyenne, all of it on U.S. Route 30 which was the Lincoln Highway a that time. Those were the days of sweet innocence . Travel on one’s thumb is not near impossible today, and down right dangerous as well.  My total net worth upon leaving Ohio was $13, and had diminished to just $1.50 by the time I got home. Soon thereafter I joined the Navy. My net worth immediately exploded to $78, the monthly pay of a seaman first class.

Much of the old highway remains today, but Interstate 80 now runs from just out side New York City to San Francisco, replacing much of the old Lincoln Highway.

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