“The society that puts equality before freedom will end up with neither. The society that puts freedom before equality will end up with a great measure of both.” — Milton Friedman

Feel Good Videos of The Day

  More feel good Saturday morning:  

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Ancient Hebrew Militia Law

This is a re-post from July 21, 2013. I’m re-posting it because it seems so relevant to today. David Kopel is a national treasure and...

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Can the wearing of masks protect us from Covid?

I say no, here’s why: The recent book by two respected doctors in Germany, Corona: False Alarm: Facts and Figures, first sets out to explain...

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“The Calendar is Not Relevant”

Mind over matter is what is relevant as we age. I like this paragraph that closes the latest Ross Rant: “Periodically I try to give...

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Aurora Colorado fire department to charge for calls

This won’t end well. Say someone is trapped in a car and they want payment before they will come? That will diminish the people’s high...

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Can a Democrat and a Republican be close friends — married even?

A recent Wall Street Journal article explores this situation and offers advice on how to manage spousal harmony within a marriage of two people with...

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LBJ unveils ‘Great Society’ program, Jan. 4, 1965

The Consequences of Election Fraud — How LBJ Won A Senate Seat in 1948 That Changed The Next Twenty Years of History

From Ace of Spades Blog: The Consequences of Election Fraud – What If LBJ Hadn’t Stolen the 1948 Texas Senate Election [Buck Throckmorton] 200 fraudulent...

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Best Analysis of Trump I’ve Seen or Heard

From: The Women’s National Republican Club It’s 17:28 minutes long and worth every second of it. Watch it before Youtube takes it down.   I...

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Democrats, Republicans and Covid-19

Do Democrats really believe bigger government leads to more equality and a higher equality of life? That’s crazy, historical experience shows how wrong that is....

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Not Voting For Trump?

Found this by Edie Marks, it’s right on: To answer any who would say “I can’t believe you would vote for Trump.” Well folks listen...

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Charles J. Rhone, legendary Wyoming cowboy

Charles J. Rhone first came to the Dakota Territory as a child in 1876. He later became a legendary cowboy and railroad man in Cheyenne....

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Science, Scientism and Pseudoscience

Science has enabled humanity to come out of the darkness and into the light. Superstition and conjecture no longer guide us. We have the scientific...

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