Women who support the men’s rights movement

I used to read Mother Jones magazine, back in the days when I was an addled-brain liberal.  I haven’t touched that toxic left-wing rag for about 30 years.  But this article in the most recent issue seems to be fair treatment of a controversial subject:  The Men’s Rights Movement and the Women Who Love It.  The article not only takes a reasonable approach but also contains a cornucopia of information on the movement and the people in it, especially the women who are avid supporters.

What sort of women would support anything called a “men’s rights movement?”  I guess it would be women who love men.  There are quite a few of them, actually.  They have husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers, sons, just friends, etc. that they care about.  They may also care about men they don’t know, at least enough to want to see them get a fair shake in divorce, child custody and visitation, sexual politics, and other matters of male/female interaction.

Here is my own slightly tongue in cheek contribution to the subject:  Parity for Pro Choice — A Man’s Right to Choose

See also, Are women making the men’s rights movement net a force to be reckoned with?  Yes, of course they are.  We live in a society in which most everything is determined by what women want. The right to keep and bear arms became respectable when lots of women started buying guns and taking up shooting.  Thank you, ladies!

  • TMats

    Thank you. Very interesting reading. Is it OK to say that the women who do the video monologues are a bit long winded? Great to hear their take on feminism and men’s issues but 20 minutes appears to be about as short as either can take to get their point across.