All the wind in wind energy is in the subsidies

Why Coloradans can’t depend on wind energy

When Coloradans flip on their lights or crank up their heat, they expect their electricity to be affordable, and at the very least, reliable. But the state Legislature and Gov. John Hickenlooper are forcing the opposite on Colorado — expensive and unreliable wind energy.

The wind lobby today is one of the fattest hogs at the corporate welfare trough. Rather than win customers through good prices and reliable products, the wind lobby uses political clout to force consumers to purchase its overpriced services. Currently, a state law requires that 12 percent of the state’s electricity be generated by so-called “green” energy. That mandate increases to 20 percent next year, and will jump to 30 percent by 2020 for investor-owned utilities. Senate Bill 252, signed by the governor last year, imposes a 20 percent mandate on rural cooperative electric associations. These jumps will only increase the cost of electricity.

The wind industry is “green” in the sense that it lines its pockets with taxpayer subsidies.

It’s a double whammy on taxpayers, first in their tax bill and second in the cost of their electricity. This hurts everyone but the wind tycoons, and it hits poor people the hardest.  Birds are hit pretty hard too, by the blades.  Soaring raptor birds especially because their eyes are fixed on the ground looking for prey.  All this not so we can have renewable energy, but so fat cat cronies can have their subsidized profits.

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