Will Republicans nominate Mitt Romney in 2016?

They will only if they are looking for their own Adlai Stevenson. Like Adlai, Mitt Romney is an eminently decent man and would make a good but not excellent president. The fact is he won’t make any kind of president because he will never be president. He failed to excite the conservative base last time and that’s why he lost. He also lost because he failed to attack Obama and his record. He attacked his Republican primary opponents furiously, and they went all softball on Obama. He just doesn’t have the necessary moxie to run a winning campaign for the highest office in the land, a land where politics is dirty and only those ready for a nasty fight can win. His advisors will tell him not to be critical of his opponent lest he turn off the voters, but his advisors will be the same sort of idiots that advised him in 2012. The fact is, the voters don’t want Casper Milquetoast. They want to see two gladiators in mortal combat.

I remember waiting endlessly in 2012 for Romney to utter the words “freedom” or “liberty.” I wanted to see if he ever thought of such things or if he cared about that.  Not until about 2 weeks before the election did he ever speak either word.  I don’t know if it was as big a turnoff to others as it was to me, but it showed Romney to be the consummate technocrat with little understanding of anything else.  Probably a good CEO but presidents have to be much more than the CEO.

Of course, compared to what the American people have endured for 8 years (by 2016), Mortimer Snerd would look good.

  • One Hand Clapping

    We differ on our views on Mitt Romney. I wish he had won.

  • TeeJaw

    We don’t differ, I wish he had won too.

    If he had run as a conservative he would have won. If he had not been so intimidated by Obama’s skin color he might have run a winning campaign. If he had not listened to his paid advisors who told him not to criticize Obama he might have won. He did well in the first debate and them folded up like a cheap suit case and let Obama run every play. If he’d called Obama on his lies about Benghazi and if he had not let Candy Crowley get away with validating Obama’s lie, he might have won. Four million Republicans who voted in 2008 stayed home in 2012. Obama won with fewer votes in 2012 than he got in 2008. If those 4 million Republicans had voted, Romney would have won. That they didn’t vote is Romney’s fault.

    We can wish Romney would have won, but we should face the reality that if the Republicans nominate him in 2016 we wishful thinkers are in big trouble. And so is America.

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