We’ve seen this before — Democrat Trickery at the CBO

Democrats are more skilled than Republicans in using various tricks to make imaginary numbers appear to be real. Democrats are esepcially more skilled at manipulating the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) scoring process on the cost and future financial results of legislation. They can always get what they want out of the CBO, and that’s why the CBO has just given a grim report of the number of people who will lose their health insurance if the GOP healthcare bill passes.

A Reason.com piece in 2009, Legislative Reality v. Political Reality, started with a famous line from Will Rogers: “The budget is like a mythical bean bag. Congress votes mythical beans into it, then reaches in and tries to pull real ones out.”

Nobody thinks the current trial balloon by the GOP is going to be the final bill so why is the CBO even analyzing it now? The CBO, we might recall, is supposed to be a non-partisan institution dedicated to helping Congress avoid voting mythical beans into the budget. Only the most incredulous still believes that. O’Sullivan’s first law of politics took over the CBO a long time ago. It has become just another hack organization to help Democrats count mythical beans and get whatever they want with whatever level of trickery is required.

In 2009 Obamacare was in jeopardy of not passing the House because several members said they wouldn’t vote for it unless the CBO certified that it’s cost would not exceed $1 Trillion. The CBO dutifully and quickly certified that Obamacare would come in under $1 Trillion. Now reality is upon us, and to date it’s cost has far exceeded $1 Trillion. The Dems in the House were always going to vote for it, they just needed the CBO to provide cover for them and the CBO complied.

There is no reason to believe anything the CBO is now saying about the GOP version of Obamacare 2.0. There are lots of real reasons to question the wisdom of Paul Ryan and the current GOP healthcare proposal. None of them have a thing to do with the CBO. it’s been so corrupted by Democrats it can never again be trusted. Plain and simple, it should be abolished. All of its current employees and bosses should be forever barred from working in any government agency.

Of course, that’s mythical bean counting. Democrats will fight to the death to keep it and the GOP hasn’t even got the guts to call the CBO for it’s blatant partisan stance and phoney predictions. Paul Ryan is leading the stupid party into a conundrum with the CBO by saying he believes the CBO numbers will look better when they are finished. Any fool knows that will never happen. He may as well ask Nancy Pelosi for her blessing.