Very Few Out of Very Many

We are told that only a very few of the very many Muslims in the world are terrorists. The counter argument is that since there are very many Muslims in the world even a small percentage of 1% to 2% will be equal very many terrorists. We found out on 9/11 how even a very few can kill very many in a very short time.

A friend has introduced me to the “Jelly Bean” theory of terrorism. Say you have a giant bowl filled with 100,000 jelly beans of all colors. Now say 2 of the 100,000 jelly beans are laced with cyanide and will kill you instantly if eaten.

How many jelly beans will you let your children eat?

  • I try not to even bother myself with this stuff anymore. It’s the domain of the Executive. Immigration authorization or allotments will make little, if any, difference, unfortunately. Opening our country to unfettered or very lightly vetted refugee’s from any country that happens to have any amount of Domestic unrest, without thoroughly vetting them is just another way of weakening our nation at this point in our countries history and bringing certain terror acts on a continued basis.

    It goes without saying. If the “religion” of Islam has over 1.5 Billion followers and practitioners then IF only “1” percent of these people are radical. We’ll do the math. What is it? 15M? That is larger than our military, the military of China and/or Russia. That is the number of that the left is suggesting we welcome into our country with no or very little vetting.

    So, I’ll ask, Would U feel safe and secure to walk the streets of America if all these “refugees” are brought in?

    • TeeJaw

      I’d worry a lot about every female I know and care about walking the streets. Oh heck, I’d also care about all the other innocent females that I don’t know.