Unpaid Student Loans — An Obama Legacy

The Federal Government’s Student Loan Fraud

By taking over the student loan program, Obama in essence politicized it. Last year on the campaign hustings, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders repeatedly talked about making college “free.” That is, they want to socialize the costs, but privatize the benefits, of a college education. Still surprised people aren’t paying their loans?

This mindset is made worse by the fact that the federal government isn’t lending its own money; it’s lending taxpayers’ money. Politicians don’t care whether it’s paid back, just that they get a pat on the back for “doing something” about college costs.

The problem is, by subsidizing college with cheap loans, the government only drives the price of tuition higher. Colleges have hooked up to the government student-loan gravy train as never before, paying lavish salaries for do-nothing administrators and incompetent professors who in earlier, more-disciplined times would have been laughed out of the academy.

Parents who despair over the soaring cost of education should understand: As long as the government regulates and pays for education, the cost will only rise further. It’s time to remove government from higher education, before it wrecks another once-great institution.

By politicizing the student loan program Obama not only set in motion ever rising tuition costs [ultimately paid by taxpayers] but also ever dumber “studies” majors and worthless college degrees.

An example is the American studies major which in the 1970s was a rewarding endeavor that covered American history and American art and literature in depth.  It was basically a historical study of American politics and the history of American art and literature side by side. It was a mind-bending experience to learn the two disciplines together and to gain an understanding of the realtionship between them.

What is the connection between Jacksonian Democracy, Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Transcendentalism Movement in American literature? How did the politics of the Jacksonian Era influence Fenimore Cooper’s The Last of the Mohicans?  The intertwining of politics and literature is obvious in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.  So what was Twain trying to do with that story? What was he really saying about the antebellum South?  Is there an allegorical study in the relationship between Huck and Jim? If so, what is it? (Huck Finn was written in 1873).

Those are interesting questions, yes?

Today’s American studies students never hear about anything of the sort. If they read Huck Finn at all it will be so their “professor” can call Mark Twain a racist. American studies today is worthless crap that indoctrinates students to hate their own country. It was well on that road before Obama politicized the study of political history but he put his stamp on it and gave it a final pounding into the dirt.

  • T. Foster

    If ever a case can be made for defunding higher education this is it. It’s naked self reinforcement of the entitled and tenured. Socialism feeding itself.

    I’m waiting for realization to dawn on college age parents that a degree is not a nirvana and a glorious life ticket. It’s a $100K student loan bite and little more than more high school. Exceptions are the traditional professions and science and technology. Even here, the enterprising undergrad can get more than half the requirements done with online learning and save a fortune.

    Less prestigious are special tech schools. It’s hard for them to compete with subsidized colleges. Here, the first questions are about what grants the new student can get and whether they are members of a special minority class to rack up even more.

    • TeeJaw

      If the degree is in some worthless “….Studies” program the student is out not only the cost of going to college but also the lost earnings he or she would have received if they had been working instead of wasting time in college.

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