Understanding what a “Green Card” is and isn’t

A Green Card is an identity card given to a legal immigrant signifying that he or she has permanent legal residence status. Green Cards have never been given to illegal immigrants.

Legal alien residents have certain rights under the Constitution and certain other rights by Federal statutes. For example, Green Card holders have the right to due process of law, freedom of speech, the right against self incrimination, etc. They have a right to own a firearm if they otherwise qualify, but they can only purchase firearms in the state of their primary residence. They have a right to a CCW permit under the laws of some states, if they otherwise qualify. Green Card holders have a right to a drivers’ license in the state in which they reside.

A Green Card does not give a legal resident alien the right to vote. Only U.S. Citizens can legally vote.

The holder of a Green Card can apply for U.S. Citizenship after a certain number of years, usually five years, if they make application and go through the naturalization process. Millions have done so and they are some of America’s best citizens.

Obama has signaled that he intends, on his own and before the end of the year, to give Green Cards to millions of illegal immigrants, most of whom have come here from Mexico and Central America.

In some cases, illegal immigrants have been granted resident status because of some international emergency and to give those immigrants asylum from the likelihood of being persecuted if sent back to their country of origin. For example, when Idi Amin forced a coup in Uganda certain Ugandans present in the U.S. were allowed to stay because they would have been subjected to political persecution, i.e., they would likely have been killed, if sent back to Uganda. This involved, at most, a few thousand individuals.

Never under other circumstances have illegal immigrants been given Green Cards. Why does Obama want to do this? For one reason only, to create an army of millions of voters, all of whom will be voting illegally. Since they will all have drivers licenses voter registration will be easy.

Every illegal vote cast by an illegal alien given a Green Card and a drivers’ license will cancel out a vote of a citizen who voted legally. The illegals are expected to vote Democrat. If they were expected to vote Republican Obama would be building a Chinese Wall around America instead of giving Green Cards to illegals. It will be mostly if not completely Republican votes that are nullified. Thus, Obama will engage in the most massive vote suppression ever to occur and which will far surpass the efforts in the Jim Crow South to prevent Blacks from voting. It’s no coincidence that it was the Democrat party who suppressed voting in the Jim Crow South, and the Democrat party is again attempting to nullify the votes of some Americans.

I guess this statement is no longer operative.

  • TMats

    Wow! Great column. The myth of Republican voter suppression.

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