Trump XO dumps the Obamacare mandate

It’s not gone but it won’t be enforced by the IRS. You  don’t have to answer the question about whether you had health insurance in 2016 on Form 1040 anymore. Previously the IRS would not accept a return if the insurance question were not answered. If you answered “No” then you had to fill out the line 61 and pay a penalty [Justice John Roberts rewrote that to call it a tax even though Obama and Congress denied it was a tax].

This is huge. It’s a step on the way to making the health insurance you want to buy legal again, instead of only allowing you to buy insurance you cannot afford and that has a deductible so large you’d likely never reach it.  That was good for insurance companies. They got to keep all your premium payments with little risk of having to pay any claims for you. Now you can tell them to go pound sand.

Trump did this with an executive order.

Next step, either congress passes a law allowing you to buy insurance that you want and can afford, or Trump does it with another XO. I mean, isn’t that what Obama would have done? He didn’t because he didn’t care whether you could afford Obamacare. If you were sick and couldn’t afford to pay he figured you could just take a pain pill.

  • beckyandbob

    Ken, this morning when I glanced through the “New York Times,” which I do often to see what the progs are saying, I saw the word “chaos” three times. Please write a piece about why the media is chortling through these days when Trump is experiencing what every other President has before him……..or simply comment!

    • TeeJaw

      The “media” are no longer in the news business. The media is part of the establishment and is little more than an organ of the Democrat party. Their candidate was Hillary and she was going to beat Trump in a landslide. The believed the polls before the election, but the polls were wrong, perhaps intentionally. When Trump won they were shocked and still cannot accept it.

      Remember when Hillary and her pals in the media were asking Trump if he would accept the results of the election if he lost? They are the ones now who are not accepting the results of the election.

      In their minds they must find a way to set things right again. They must either find a way to impeach Trump or at least discredit him so that he can’t do anything. That is why they scream and shout about things they totally ignored when their guy was the president.

      Ronald Reagan used to say it doesn’t matter who gets the credit so long as the right things get done. The motto of the media and the progs is it doesn’t matter how low we have to go to make sure Democrats are in power and Republicans are in the minority and out of power. Right now the Democrat party is near moribund and is really only a political party on both coasts and a few large cities in the center and, sad to say, in Colorado. This is a load too heavy to bear for the liberal media and the hangers-on Democrats.

      It helps to remember that they are liberals, and liberalism is a mental illness.

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