This thought I have…

Those of marriageable age are not getting married. It seems to be men who are the most reluctant. Books are being written about the phenomenon. Men on Strike, why men are boycotting marriage,fatherhood, and the American dream

The reasons for this probably vary among the men who have sworn off marriage, but the raw deal they think they’ll get in court in case of divorce, especially if there are children, seems to be the one most often stated.  When I was a full time practicing lawyer I personally saw a lot of that.  An angry estranged wife, a mad dog female lawyer, and man-hating female judge, and “ We gonna get you, sucka.”  Example:  Husband has an asset that throws off annual income of $300K. Judge gives wife half of that annual income.  Then also gives wife half the asset.  Judge thinks she’s made a 50-50 split.  Result is wife has ALL the annual income from the asset and half the asset, husband has half the asset but has to pay ALL the income from that half to wife.  “Judge, you just gave wife 100% of the marital assets and income.  How will my client eat?”  “I’m sure he’ll find a way, counselor.”  (Judges and cops only call lawyers “counselor” when they mean it as a slur) So, I fix it on appeal, which eats up a few tens of thousand dollars more of the estate.

Beyond this is that certain parts of American society, the parts that young men live in, have become distinctly anti-male. College campuses will become female finishing schools if men keep eschewing college at current rates. It’s understandable why they are staying away, sexual harassment and assault policies and a false accusation can turn a man’s life into a Joseph K type nightmare.  Why sign up for that possibility?

I’d be young again if….no.  I wouldn’t.  Solitude is life lived on a road that narrows.

  • Dave Lienert

    Hi Ken,
    Between your example and the attitude of “She will lose wellfare benefits for the kids if we get married” ( I use quotes on purpose because I’ve heard this from three cousins and one coworker. ) I am surprised there are as many marriages as there are.
    I think you know I believe strongly in the need for a welfare Safety net. However the safety net seems to have become a trampoline to play on.

    • TeeJaw

      Or maybe a hammock to lie in.