“There oughta be a law…”

The liberal answer to everything is to pass a law.  As if the world will change for the better if we just have enough laws on the books.  There is a problem right now with medicare and medicaid patients finding doctors who will agree to treat them for what medicare and medicaid pay.  The payment is now less than the cost of providing the care, so doctors are refusing to take those patients.  They couldn’t make a living if they did, in fact couldn’t even cover their costs.

Current law prevents them from charging patients the difference between the going rate and what the government will pay.  It also makes it illegal for the patient to pay the doctor.  There’s an easy fix for this.  Not to pass another law, but to repeal the existing law that prevents doctors from charging medicare and medicaid patients the true cost of treating them.

That’s anathema to a liberal Democrat.  The liberal answer to this would be to pass a law requiring doctors to take medicaid and medicare patients.  That’s exactly what Kathleen Murphy, Democrat running for the Virginia House of Delegates against Barbara Comstock, is proposing.  I bet she’ll get a lot of support from other Democrats.

The Democrats once fought a civil war to preserve slavery.  They lost, and slavery ended.  The 15th Amendment now prohibits slavery. Democrats have been trying to find ways to bring it back ever since.

  • One Hand Clapping

    Not official yet, but it appears that Kathleen Murphy lost her challenge yesterday.

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