The Syria issue in one sentence

Obama decided to ask for Congressional approval to bomb Syria so he could put Congress on the spot, but instead it is he that has been put on the spot by his fumbling of the issue, especially his ludicrous denial that he is not the one who set the “red line.”

Obama’s pet hamsters in the media are also on the spot, making fools of themselves trying to defend Obama’s whopper with idiotic euphemisms such as Obama is just “trying to widen the circle of responsibility.” [Shawna Thomas of NBC] I hope I remember that one next time I want to weasel out of a commitment. On second thought, I better forget it. It doesn’t work.

  • coyyote

    Obama’s personality character defect, extreme narcissism, has always necessitated placing the blame on failure, perceived failure or possible future failure on anyone or anything that can be remotely connected to the issue.

    I am surprised this WMD in Syria is not Bush’s fault. After all if Bush would have worried less about coalitions, UN, and Congressional approval he could have charged into Irag sooner, found the Sarin and it never would have been moved to Syria by Saddam. See, All Bush’s fault!

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