The recovery that isn’t and never was

The great recession officially ended in June of 2009.   A few people in my limited circle think we are now in an economic recovery and it’s going along just fine.  If you’re retired with most of your assets in the stock market and real estate, I guess you could think that.  But if you still need to work to live and save for your retirement, it’s quite a different story for millions of Americans. If you’re over 50 and out of work, you’re sunk.  That group has suffered the most in Obama’s economy.   Obama claims to want to help the poor by transferring wealth from the rich.  But he’s such an idiot he doesn’t understand that his policies are doing just the opposite.

If you’re among those who believe in the current  “recovery,” you would profit from a few of the reports on the jobs numbers released last Thursday:

Why Today’s Jobs Numbers Are A Drag, by Megan McArdle

59% of all new Jobs added from January, 2013 to August were part-time jobs. [That figure is still shown at the link as 96% but has been corrected elsewhere to 59%.  Tyler Cowan is an academic who probably doesn’t work on Sunday so I expect this linked site will be corrected tomorrow, Monday. The final number drops further to 19% if March, 2013 is excluded as an “outlier” month, as economist Mark Perry thinks it should be. I say it should not be because the actual monthly figures are constantly being tinkered and revised by the government anyway and the overall number for several months in a row is probably more reliable.]

The five worst things about this crummy jobs report by Ezra Klein in the Washington Post.  The five worst things, according to Ezra Klein,  are: (1) Massive revision of past jobs reports; (2) The drop in overall unemployment was for the worst reason; (3) Job creation was terrible; (4) Unemployment among teenagers, African Americans and Hispanics remains insane [I think he means their unemployment is insanely high]; and (5) Our political system has given up.

This report is remarkably accurate considering that Ezra Klein is a liberal Obamanista who hates Republicans and conservatives enough to send them all to death camps if he could. The Washington Post is ferocious in its support of Democrats and near libelous in its disparagement of Republicans in general, reaching abject hatred of any Republican who happens to be conservative.

If you read the whole thing, which I urge you to do, you will notice that Klein scrupulously avoids placing one scintilla of responsibility on Obama for any of the things he enumerates, and instead blames it all on Congress, by which he means Republicans.  Journalists like Ezra Klein are smart, we are told, but not smart enough it seems to take into account that Republicans control only one-half of one-third of this government, and that the Washington Republican leadership is made up of pantywaist cowards who are refusing to oppose Obama on much of anything.  The Republicans are supposed to be the opposition party right now, but instead they align themselves time and again with the Democrats.  Why those like Ezra Klein are still criticizing them is a mystery.  Perhaps it is the innate human revulsion for cowards.

If Republicans can rightly be blamed for any of the current malaise in the economy, it is not that they have affirmatively done anything to cause it.  Rather, they should be blamed for their torpor and cowardice in refusing to do what an opposition party is supposed to do.  They should be attacking Obama’s policies at every turn because it is those policies which are squarely to blame for the economic suffering of the American people.  Instead, Republicans are asleep at the wheel and headed for a crash.