The real class war in America

In Ron Paul’s farewell speech to congress he asked a good question: “Why are freedom and liberty such a hard sell”?

Freedom became a hard sell when too many Americans allowed themselves to be duped by politicians into believing they need government to run their lives for them.  Too many Americans turned against the idea of self reliance and rugged individualism.  They forgot that America was exceptional because it was the last best place where you could be whatever you wanted to be and reinvent yourself when you changed your mind about any of it.  Americans lost faith in the promise that the way to the good life is freedom to pursue your own interests and allow others to pursue theirs. Americans seemed to forget that individual liberty means an ordered liberty where no one holds a claim on anyone else’s success, no one thinks themselves entitled to the fruits of another man’s labor.  Freedom became a hard sell when Americans stopped thinking of themselves as individuals and families and allowed themselves to be herded into classes invented by political factions for the purpose of gaining and holding political power.  These Americans made a crucial decision to willingly cede their liberty for the illusion of security.  Increasingly, Americans are losing both by having made this terrible bargain.

A long article by John Hayward explores this phenomenon in great depth:

There really is a class war in America today, but it’s not between any of these Marxist bumper cars.  The three real classes are the Ruling Class, the Dependency Class, and Everyone Else.

The Dependency Class is by no means filled with poor people.  Far from it.  And the Ruling Class is not at all limited to elected officials.  Lots of people are becoming dependent upon government power and money.  Many of them are extremely wealthy.  The Ruling Class depends on them for its power.  Everything the Ruling Class does is designed to protect its own interests, and keep its favorite dependent constituents happy.  Other priorities are secondary, if they count for anything at all.

The rule of law is a laughable travesty now.  The President of the United States routinely violates his own “signature legislative achievement,” the Affordable Care Act.  He has no power to rewrite it, and neither does his bureaucracy, but they do it anyway.  A vital objective in the real class war was to make Everyone Else comfortable with this.  The notion of holding the Ruling Class strictly accountable to any law is now considered quaint.  Electoral success once every couple of years validates and authorizeseverything.  If you’re really steamed about it, and if you can remain steamed until the next big election, you could try voting the bums out of office, the way you’ve been told all your life that “democracy” works.  But you’ll have to get past the Ruling Class during the campaign, then beat the Dependency Class on Election Day.

If that sounds like long odds, well, you’re starting to catch on.  Just wait until you see how large the Dependency Class has grown, after a few years of ObamaCare’s magical combination of utter failure and massive subsidies.

Earlier, stronger American generations would not put up with any of this nonsense. In the state of liberty and dignity America’s founders intended for their citizens, we would pursue our interests and recognize the right of others to do the same, without allowing those interests to be balanced and measured by those who masquerade as our selfless protectors and teachers.

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