The Obamamobile, the Chevy Volt, is a dolt

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him buy a crappy car.  Even steep discounts and government subsidies haven’t worked. Nobody wants this thing.

The Chevy Volt was ordered to market by GM’s owners (the Obama Administration) before it was fully developed and before there was consumer demand. This president wanted the Volt to be the “signature” product of the new General Motors and his “global warming” strategy.

Since its introduction, General Motors can’t even give away the Chevy Volt. Despite rebates and heavy government subsidies sales of the “plug-in hybrid” continue to be way below projections. According to Kelly Blue Book, GM has sold only 11,643 Volts so far this year. In 2012, GM sold 23,461 of the cars.

Today, General Motors announced that it will knock another $5,000 off the sticker price of a new Chevy Volt, making it the latest electric car to be steeply discounted as automakers battle to find people who will purchase their cars even at a steep discount.

The free market outsmarts the bureaucrats and politicians again. It always will because it’s so much smarter than they are. The all electric car can’t possibly succeed until they can build one that will go 500 miles on a charge.  But why even do that?  Such a car will still be a fossil fuel powered car because charging its battery takes electricity generated by coal or natural gas fueled power plants.  It’s a purely electric car only if the electricity to charge the battery comes from a nuclear power plant.

Another thing.  Since Obama is making electricity rates sky rocket, owning an electric car that would go 500 miles on a charge will be very expensive to buy and very expensive to maintain.  So, it still won’t sell.

  • Jack Harvey

    Heard yesterday that GM sells more large trucks (2500 & 3500s) in a day then they sell Dolts in a month.

  • Bill

    To fix the problem of lagging sales, all Congress needs to do is pass a law requiring Americans to buy a Volt or pay a fine.