Thank you, George Brauchler….

Thanks to Arapahoe County DA George Brauchler for his endorsement of State Senator Greg Brophy to unseat John Hickenlooper as Governor of Colorado in the November election.  Many people ask me if the silly gun laws passed by Colorado Democrats in 2012 will ever be repealed. I tell them if that’s what they want they should vote for Greg Brophy because then it just might happen.  Senator Brophy was the most articulate opponent of those idiotic laws amounting to no more than vacuous ineffective bromides for the prevention of mass shootings.  Eliminating gun free zones where they occur is the most sensible way to prevent such evil.

The other rotten law the Democrats passed is the new voting law which makes voter fraud easier to do.  Vote fraud helps Democrats because they have a lock on the criminal vote. Greg Brophy also distinguished himself in the 2012 legislature with his eloquent exposition of the real purpose behind the Democrats’ push for that law.

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