Ten most dangerous cities to live in

flaming_skull2aThe FBI has released its list of the country’s 10 most dangerous cities to live in. The agency looked at crime stats in cities with 75,000 residents or more.

Camden, New Jersey, tops the list with the highest crime rate in the nation.
Flint, Michigan, comes in second.
Detroit, Michigan, is third. It recorded as many homicides last year as New York City, which has about 12 times the population.
Oakland, California, comes in fourth, and St. Louis, Missouri, is fifth.
Cleveland, Ohio; Gary, Indiana; Newark, New Jersey; Bridgeport, Connecticut; and Birmingham, Alabama, round out the list.
A common trend among all of the cities on the list – a struggling economy.

There is another common thread these cites have that wasn’t mentioned. Every one of these cities is governed by Democrats.

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