TeeJaw is the acronym I use for “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” I was going to use "T-JAW” until I found out that it is used at a porn site. So, in order to avoid confusion on what this site is about, I adopted “TeeJaw.”

What is "Truth, Justice and the American Way?” Well, besides being what Superman is fighting for, I have my explanation on the "About Me" page.

  • Adolfo Costa

    Smart comments all over your blog. Keep going.


    Thanks for including my RAMblings about the Kid from Kenya and his re-election. Just noticed in 2008 he received 67% of the Hispanic vote and now in 2012 he received 75% of their vote. Robert A. Mullen

    • TeeJaw

      If it were the other way around, if Republicans were receiving 75% of the Hispanic vote, the Democrats would have already built a wall between the United States and Mexico that would rival the Great Wall of China and could be seen from outer space.