Tax cuts for “the rich” will help minimum wage workers

What, are your nuts? How can tax cuts for Big BurgerMeisters help their minimum wage workers, who pay no income taxes anyway? Well, because a tax cut for business will help that business cope with the current mania for raising the minimum wage. That means the burgermiesters might not have to raise prices for meisterburgers so much, or might not have to replace burger flippers with robots. All that means current minimum wage workers might be able to keep their jobs.

It also might mean something else, equally salutary.  If the burgermeister can afford to pay the new higher minimum wage he will continue to fill the position with a human instead of a robot. The new higher wage might then actually benefit the burgermeister because he can hire a better qualified applicant if he’s able to offer a higher wage. In the past, before tax cuts for burgermeisters, the old lower paid employee may have been out the door because he wasn’t as qualified as the new higher paid employee would be.  But the prospect of keeping his job and the new higher wage might induce the current employee to upgrade himself sufficiently to persuade his boss to keep him in his job, even at the higher pay scale.

Fewer employment dislocations and higher wages for those at the bottom of the economic ladder, these are good things. All made possible by business tax cuts.