Introduction to Public Choice Theory

You many have heard of “Public Choice Theory”, the name for the scholarship that won James M. Buchanan a Nobel Prize in Economics in 1986.  If you aren’t familiar with it the short answer is that it explains how and … Continue reading

A Government That Rides On Our Backs

Ronald Reagan said, “So there be no misunderstanding.  I don’t intend to get rid of government, only to make it work for the people.  To make it a government that stands by our side, and not riding on our backs.” … Continue reading

John Stossel on Gun Control Laws And Crime

This video is from ABC’s 20/20 on May 20, 1977. It’s still timely, and always will be. Stossel is now with Fox Business and has a blog. See also these recent posts: More Guns, Less Crime and Homicide Down in … Continue reading