Introduction to Public Choice Theory

You many have heard of “Public Choice Theory”, the name for the scholarship that won James M. Buchanan a Nobel Prize in Economics in 1986.  If you aren’t familiar with it the short answer is that it explains how and … Continue reading

A Government That Rides On Our Backs

Ronald Reagan said, “So there be no misunderstanding.  I don’t intend to get rid of government, only to make it work for the people.  To make it a government that stands by our side, and not riding on our backs.” … Continue reading

John Stossel on Gun Control Laws And Crime

This video is from ABC’s 20/20 on May 20, 1977. It’s still timely, and always will be. Stossel is now with Fox Business and has a blog. See also these recent posts: More Guns, Less Crime and Homicide Down in … Continue reading

Homicide: Down in D.C.-Up in Baltimore

Unless killers make a big push in the next two days Washington D.C. will end the year with the fewest number of homicides since 1964. So far in 2009 D.C. homicides number 138 compared to 184 at the same time … Continue reading