Camille Paglia: “It’s the collapse of journalism”

Speaking in an interview by the Washington Examiner, Paglia said: “Democrats are doing this in collusion with the media obviously, because they just want to create chaos,They want to completely obliterate any sense that the Trump administration is making any … Continue reading

How to Clarify the Uproar from The Left

They’re having to face a reality check they can’t stand. Madness and Chaos: the Left in the Time of Trump. So they hate Trump but what are these protestors and their media enablers for? As far as I can tell they are … Continue reading

Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot with their hate campaign against Trump

Trump was not a conservative before he became the president-elect, but he may be on his way to becoming one now. If so, the Democrats are largely to blame. They’re making the mistake of thinking Trump is like other Republicans … Continue reading